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About Require Roofing

Where Quality meets Service

The Require Roofing team are proud of their quality repairs and provide their service quickly and conveniently to you. As nothing is completed without your approval, you know we'll get it right first time.

Who Is Require Roofing?

Require Roofing is a family owned Business offering an affordable one-stop solution for Damaging Storm Repairs. We manage the entire process for you, from Insurance Claim Management, to the final repair of your property. We are fully licenced in both Queensland and New South Wales, and our quality workmanship is only matched by our excellent customer service. 

Colonial Sandstone Cottage House
Why Use Us

Require Roofing has many years experience within the roofing industry and knows just how to manage complex insurance claims.  Take the stress out of the process and trust Require Roofing to manage your insurance claim for you.


You are our customer, so we will fight to get you a reasonable outcome, finished off with top-quality workmanship. When you hand the process over to Require Roofing, you can sit back, relax, and watch someone else fight the insurance company on your behalf.

Our Process
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