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Roof Inspections

We have one goal, to assist property owners achieve full and complete storm restoration.

The first step is for us to send one of our experienced Roof Inspectors to your property to complete a full inspection, assessing and noting all damage.  


Our inspections will be conducted physically, by accessing the roof via a ladder.  Damage will be identified, chalked and photographed for our report.  If we can't access the roof, no problem! We will conduct our inspection using a drone!  Allow approximately 20 minutes to an hour for us to complete this assessment.  If you have any internal damage, please let us know prior to us attending the site.

A damage report is then completed for you. You should read this report and your insurance policy to assess whether or not the damage will be claimable under your current insurance.

Private Property

How Can We Help You?

PH: 1800 575 110

SMS: 0402 131 897

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